KA.DER is a women's organization which advocates equal representation of women and men in all fields of life.

KA.DER sees equality between women and men in all elected and appointed decision making bodies, where decisions concerning the society and the individuals are made, as a matter of democracy.

Women in Turkey have established their presence in different fields of social life. However, in top management positions and especially in politics, women are still too far away from being equally represented. KA.DER was established in March 1997 with a mission to eliminate inequality, to provide participation of all citizens in decisions, and to bring women's experience and resolution ability into social and political arenas. KA.DER strives to increase the representation rate of women in all decision making bodies, both elected and appointed.

Considering the political arena's determinative feature on social life, KA.DER defines ensuring equal representation, primarily in politics, as its main objective. Equal representation ensured in the political field will pave the way for equality between women and men in all fields. KA.DER has 4 branches and 4 representations across the country. KA.DER head office is located in Istanbul.


  • To raise awareness on equality between women and men to counter male domination in social and political life.
  • To eliminate economic, social, cultural and legal obstacles which hinder women's participation in politics.
  • To have positive discrimination articles for women, in laws and party by-laws, to secure equal representation in decision making bodies.
  • To remove discriminatory statements directed at women from laws and regulations.
  • To have laws which secure women's rights and liberation.
  • To empower women in general, and to encourage them to use, defend and expand their rights.
  • To empower women and to render their visibility in political parties and encourage them to become candidates for local and general elections.
  • To carry out lobbying, advocacy, campaigning, organization, solidarity and training activities to strengthen cooperation and collaboration among women in political parties, and to have them, and the women's movement, act in cooperation on issues and policies concerning women.


  • To be against all kinds of discrimination.
  • To keep equal distance from all legally recognized political parties
  • To work together with all the women branches and women parliamentarians of political parties. at an equal distance, and in line with its objectives.
  • To reflect and expand the feminist consciousness in all its activities.
  • To work to integrate gender equality in all policies and programs.


  • One who has a women's perspective.
  • One who is determined to end all kinds of discrimination and violence against women.
  • One who embraces a secular republic, respect for human rights, full democracy, and the rule of law.
  • One who is for the strengthening of civic society.
  • One who is against all kinds of fanaticism, bigotry, racism, social pollution, violence and war, and has an environmental consciousness.
  • One who has a righteous, principled, and connective language.
  • One who enters politics with the purpose of being a true representative of women and the people.